Quality Policy


To ensure a high degree of customer satisfaction and loyalty, Mind4 group companies strive to develop partnership relationships with their customers, offering differentiated services that meet their needs and expectations.

Compliance with
Applicable Requirements

Mind4 group companies look closely to the requirements applicable to theirprocesses and services, committing themselves to ensure compliance.

Leadership and

Aware of their role in supply chains, Mind4 group companies undertake to effectively communicate aspects related to their activities to their employees, suppliers, customers, public entities and other relevant parties involved.


Through the analysis and processing of the data generated by the management system, Mind4 Group companies trigger actions aimed at ensuring the continuous improvement of the efficiency of their processes.


To ensure viability and economic success, Mind4 group companies are continuously seeking cost-efficient rationalisation to optimise their financial resources.


To ensure the quality and safety of their services, Mind4 Group companies bet on the careful selection and evaluation of their suppliers, jointly seeking to improve the services provided.

Human Resources Investment

Mind4 group companies promote the motivation and participation of the entire team, investing in their training and personal appreciation and ensuring awareness of the importance of their activities in contributing to the quality and safety of their services.


Mind4 group companies ensure that they are considered in the relevant aspects of protection to the environment, ethics, safety and health at work.

Through their Mind4People project, Mind4 group companies contribute effectively and involved to the social well-being of disadvantaged children and families.